Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Paper Chef 35

My entry this month is a "blood" orange risotto cake, with "drunken" Mexican white shrimp in a blood orange vinaigrette. It can be served warm or at room temperature. Unfortunately, I was unable to find real blood oranges (see Market Day below), so I made the vinaigrette with purchased blood orange vinegar and used plain naval oranges for the risotto cake (colored with a bit of red food color to simulate the real thing. The shrimp were marinated and baked in French brandy and Patron orange liqueur and a bit of salt and pepper. They were yummy. The risotto cake was made with orange juice, shrimp stock, orange zest, green onions, and shredded carrot, seasoned to taste. It was a bit sweet, since I used naval oranges instead of blood oranges, which would have been better. After peeling, I dipped the shrimp in the vinaigrette, and it was nice to spoon up a bit with the risotto as well, to help balance the sweetness.


  1. This looks very tastey and classy!

  2. I'm allergic to shrimp so I'm trying to imagine all these PC entries with chicken... I think I'd really like your risotto cakes - they sound delicious!

  3. How large is this portion? I do catering in San Francisco and tend to give larger portions, but this picture shows that it is very small. Is it???